How to Test Out Your Brand’s Mobile Application Successfully

How to Test Out Your Brand’s Mobile Application Successfully

When you’re planning to launch a mobile application for your brand, it’s essential to test it out first to ensure that it’s entirely ready for others to use it. Unfortunately, not all app developers have the time to finish a full cycle testing of their app because it needs more of their time and energy.

There are numerous stages involved to ensure your mobile app is ready for distribution and that your audience won’t encounter bugs that lead to giving negative feedback. You may want to consider hiring a reliable app tester if you want your app ready for your chosen launch date.

Keep reading below to find out what you need to do to prepare your app for testing.

Create an Outline of the Process

The first thing you must do as a developer planning to initiate a mobile app testing procedure is to develop an outline and list of all the cases you’re hoping to test. It’s necessary to write it down before moving forward and testing your app manually or automatically.

From the outline you create, you can form a mobile app test plan, including all the use cases you want to involve during the procedure. Don’t forget to provide short descriptions of the tests you want to perform and what kind of results you’re looking to achieve for each.

Decide What Mobile Tests to Do

Once you lay down a firm outline, you can now determine if you want to hold a manual or automated test as part of your app testing. It can be quite complicated to settle on one of the two choices unless you have a professional guiding you to prove what will work best for your app.

You could opt for automated testing when you’ll be running a use case more often to ensure its primary functions are all working correctly. Doing so improves your time management and minimizes room for errors, especially if you’re handling predictable results. Meanwhile, manual testing is necessary if you plan to test the system from end to end.

Arrange Different Test Cases

After you build a list of the cases you want to test and determine whether you’re initiating automated or manual testing, it’s time to prepare the test cases. Part of testing your mobile app is to distinguish the specific cases you’ll be writing the tests for. It involves two stages, requirement-based testing and business scenario-based testing.

Requirement-based testing involves testing the performance of your app’s particular features. On the other hand, business scenario-based testing allows you to evaluate your app from a business perspective.

Start the Manual Testing

It’s up to you if you want to initiate manual testing alone or combine it with automated testing to receive better results, especially if an Agile testing framework is involved. So long as you work with app distributors for developers, you can jumpstart your testing sprint while following your desired test plan with the recommendation of an expert.

When it comes to manual testing, you won’t need any initial investments, but it will be best to start a little early than usual. Also, remember to keep track of your progress by creating logs and noting down all the testing sessions each time you run them.

Start the Automated Testing

If you want to make things more efficient, after you’ve accomplished several manual testing sessions, you could transfer to automated testing and integrate mobile testing tools. Since you can already see a familiar pattern with the results of your app testing, you can focus on the predictable ones this time.

It’s crucial to have the proper systems and testing tools when focusing on testing automation. Keep in mind that the platforms and software you choose should cater to various platforms, offer unique features, and allow you to repeat your tests to save time and effort.


If you want to be completely prepared for the launch day of your mobile app, it’s fundamental to initiate multiple tests to ensure your app distribution doesn’t involve unnecessary issues. Since not all businesses have the time to supervise the testing, you can always hire professionals to run the tests, make sure everything falls into place, and distribute the app for your company on time.

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