5 powerful Firebase features you may not know about

5 powerful Firebase features you may not know about

Five Powerful Firebase Features You May Not Know About

Applications being created for mobile platforms have increased dramatically in recent years. Numerous categories of mobile app stores receive hundreds of new applications every day. However, not all of them rank highly.

You may be wondering what it is that distinguishes a certain application from others in its field. Well, the answer is straightforward. The success of your mobile app is highly dependent on the mobile app development company you work with.

The app's usability and speed are also determined by the framework you chose while building it. For this purpose, Firebase is frequently utilized to create apps that perform at their best.

Let's take a look at five powerful features of Firebase that may turn your mobile app development process into a seamless and robust experience.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a Google-backed platform for web and app development and has emerged in recent years as a robust Backend-as-a-Solution (BaaS), owing to its many capabilities and performance-enhancing components. Due to these characteristics, it has become a widely used backend solution for app developers and IT industries. Firebase was initially a real-time database but now provides developers and marketers with a wide range of tools and solutions to aid in not just the development of cutting-edge apps but also their marketing. It offers a variety of services to assist you in creating top-notch mobile and web applications to grow your company.

services to assist you in creating top-notch mobile and web applications to grow your company

Real-Time Database

One of the most powerful features of Firebase is that the framework offers a unique real-time database. The data is saved as JSON and continuously synced to each related user in the cloud-hosted database that Firebase supports. Modern applications require a real-time database instance that refreshes the most recent data.

Due to this functionality of the Firebase framework, an app does not need to have its own database. The cloud-based database may be used to manage the app's data and provide quick data results.

Google Analytics

You can follow your users' progress with real-time and customized reporting through Google Analytics for Firebase. Key data insights enable firms to develop plans for growth at a much faster rate. To measure and accommodate the KPIs of a business, Google has included technology solutions such as Google Ads, Liftoff, AdMob, AdActive, and more.

With the help of Firebase, Google Analytics can be integrated seamlessly, allowing for the collection of user behavioral data and the production of analytical information. The information can help businesses retain more customers and increase user engagement for your app.

Cloud Storage

Another feature of Firebase is its reliability and easy-to-use cloud storage option. Any custom mobile app development company will frequently employ Firebase due to its simple cloud storage capability. Users of Firebase's apps may easily save their photos and videos in the cloud due to its Cloud Storage feature. The Firebase SDK integrates cloud storage technologies, enabling quick uploading of data to the cloud.

The cloud offers practical features such as automatic stopping and restarting of file uploads and downloads. Moreover, it offers firebase authentication to give end users a secure and safe environment.


You may monitor, rank, and resolve stability problems that lower the caliber of your app with Crashlytics. Every time a defect or crash happens, Crashlytics notifies you in real time using detailed reports. These reports help developers and testers locate and address faults more quickly. Developers have an additional approach for debugging utilizing the 'app exception' event owing to Crashlytics' pre-built interface with Google Analytics.

monitor, rank, and resolve stability problems that lower the caliber of your app with Crashlytics


The majority of apps contain an authentication feature that is required to identify the user. The entire authentication process can be set up in just a few minutes with Firebase's user-friendly SDK, pre-made UI libraries, and backend services. Normally, it takes months to develop a working authentication procedure, but thanks to Firebase, the entire system can be set up in a matter of minutes with only a little amount of coding.

Furthermore, the authentication system is quite powerful and adept at managing a variety of complicated tasks. Users may log in to Firebase using their email address and password, as well as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other services.

Firebase features offer top-notch security for your application and significantly enhance the login experience for end users.

Wrapping Up

Both developers and marketers may benefit from Firebase's variety of capabilities and tools. Firebase is simple to use and extremely powerful. Given that it handles data management logic with ease and a few lines of code, a developer's life is undoubtedly made easier.

Features of Firebase make it a go-to for app developers and marketers. It is currently an important factor of development and will be around for a very long time.